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Level up your travel game via Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number

Boise, the city known to the world as the capital of the state of Idaho is one city where you can find the perfect blend of culture and modernization. The city is filled with serene parklands, museums and other attractions that are perfect to visit when you are on holiday with your family. The city of Boise is located on the scenic Boise River and you can find a lot of greenery near the river’s greenbelt. If you wish to experience something that is urbaner, you can visit the local markets or art galleries or even wander around the downtown area of Boise. If you have planned a vacation to Boise along with your family, the city will for sure not disappoint you. There are plenty of activities here that you can do with your kids or visit the zoos or the parks located here. Call at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number to book your trip successfully to this amazing destination at the cheap rates.




What was once a neglected, overgrown dump containing trash and raw sewage is now one of the gems of Boise. The former dump was transformed into a beautifully paved route that follows the Boise River and is lined with lots of trees. It is a popular location for both tourists and locals alike. The 25-mile trail is used daily by commuters and provides access to many of the city parks found throughout Boise. Make sure to grab a green bike from hubs located at various points around the city. These bikes can be rented for some bucks per hour and are a great way to explore the Boise River Greenbelt. For an added challenge you can even do a self-guided history scavenger hunt along the Greenway. Reach this extremely beautiful place via Lufthansa Airlines, most conveniently.




Close to Boise, this is a popular and fairly easy hike with some spectacular views of the surrounding area. Most people prefer to hike to the top of Table Rock to catch either the sunrise or sunset views of the area. It’s also ideal to hike at these times because the hike is not well shaded and temperatures can be very hot during the day. The trailhead for Table Rock is located in the parking lot of the Old Penitentiary (right next to the Idaho Botanical Gardens). Two of the main trails to reach the top of Table Rock are Table Rock Trail and the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Loop. Table Rock Trail #15 is a very popular route though it is fairly steep. However, if you’re looking for a shorter and easier hike, the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Loop is the one you’ll want to take. Dial Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number, and book your cost-effective tickets to this place.




The doors of the Old Idaho Penitentiary unlocked in 1872 to some of the West’s most desperate criminals. Today, with a visit to Solitary Confinement, cell blocks, and the Gallows, visitors can experience over 100 years of Idaho’s unique prison history. Special exhibitions including the J. Curtis Earl Memorial Exhibit of Arms and Armaments and thirty historic buildings are featured by The Old Idaho Penitentiary. Events and programs provide families, school groups, and visitors an opportunity to relive the Old Pen’s exciting past of daring escapes, scandals, and executions. Plan your visit with Old Idaho Penitentiary. Take the most comfortable flights of Lufthansa Airlines to reach here.


Reserve your flight tickets to the beautiful Boise by just calling at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number, and carry on a great journey at the highly affordable rates. Book now!


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